Julie Cohen, PCC, is a Career and Personal Coach.

She helps her clients clarify and achieve their professional and personal goals including greater career satisfaction, enhanced work-life balance, improved leadership capabilities and meaningful personal growth.

Julie challenges people to think differently. She believes that coaching propels people forward as they gain deeper self-awareness. Her straightforward, direct approach combined with her creativity and sense of humor makes coaching both challenging and fun.

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Julie brings over 20 years of experience in corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial entities to her work as a coach, trainer and speaker. Formerly an internal Executive Coach at Ernst & Young LLC, Julie was part of the design team responsible for developing and implementing a national coaching program for the Firm’s management consultants. She coaches a wide array of individual and organizational clients throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

Julie is the author of Your Work, Your Life—Your Way: 7 Keys to Work-Life Balance. She presents highly interactive workshops on the book’s content in-person and virtually. She is also Founder and CEO of Work. Life. Leader., a holistic leadership development company supporting emerging and developing leaders to excel professionally, impact their world and live life on their terms.

Julie has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Science in Counseling from Villanova University. She is a graduate of Corporate Coach University International’s and Coach University’s Training Programs, is a past President of the Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Julie has earned the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the ICF.

Julie lives near Philadelphia with her husband, son and beagle. She is a classical piano student, recycling enthusiast and an avid reader. One of her current goals is to do a pull-up by the time she is 50.

From Our Clients

Before working with Julie, I worked hard but shied away from the spotlight. However, I noticed that I was not offered any leadership opportunities, and was becoming professionally frustrated. Since working with Julie, I still work hard, but I have learned to “flex” my style. I am more vocal in meetings. In addition, I have reached out to leadership more to offer my opinion on topics as well as asked for leadership opportunities. As a result, I’m starting to change my management’s perception of me from an experienced, steady performer to someone who has leadership potential and adds value. Most recently, I was asked to take on a global role and was selected to help redefine goals, performance expectations and career maps for my role at my company. Considering there are over 70 people in this role in North America, most of which are over achievers, it’s a big deal.

Software/Technology Professional, Philadelphia, PA

I highly recommend coaching with Julie to anyone who wants to get unstuck in their career or life. Julie is an insightful, funny, loving, thoughtful, and enthusiastic taskmaster and cheerleader who can successfully guide them toward greater perspective and accomplishment and self-growth. Julie has helped me achieve greater career satisfaction by helping me to believe in my own abilities and inner wisdom while showing me how to set and accomplish my goals. Thanks to my work with Julie, my perspective on my crazy workplace has greatly improved. I now have tools for effectively dealing with toxic co-workers and protecting myself in situations that used to make me feel hopeless. Julie helped me with strategies for speaking up for myself and deflecting harassment. Instead of feeling like a helpless victim, I can maintain my sense of self-worth, rise above the drama, and stay centered while I build my resume and plan how and when to move on.

Museum Professional, Honolulu, HI

Through WIN, I have been working with Julie Cohen, an exceptional coach and mentor. She has not only guided important decisions related to our organization but, through her, I have gained confidence in my abilities to be a young female leader.

Kathryn C. Hall, Founder Power Up Gambia

After 20 years in one field, I was making a transition to an unknown something else. I had a pretty good idea of what skills I wanted to use and I definitely wanted to find balance between life and work. Finding Julie was the ace for me. I am not a fan of diagnostic tools, but I did find the extensive pre-coaching questions and exercises to be eye-opening. Besides identifying life/work values, it helped me see what was important for me to have in a workplace. With every coaching session, I turned another corner. I gained a confidence I carried with me throughout my search. Julie’s accessibility via email and phone was invaluable. I’ve landed where I wanted to be and it is because Julie helped “hold my feet to the fire” so I could stick with less work and more life. She is a great coach who inspires, motivates and teaches throughout what turned out to be for me a life-changing journey.

Non-profit Professional, Philadelphia PA

When I started working with Julie I felt trapped, stifled creatively and disempowered in my job. I could communicate all of the things I didn’t want professionally but couldn’t seem to look beyond my immediate circumstances to the horizon of an ideal career. The materials Julie distributes before the first session are undoubtedly the most helpful, self-reflective, enlightening and important exercises I have ever completed. During the following nine months we worked together, Julie ushered me from a frustrated young assistant clawing at the walls of my cubicle to a satisfied, empowered creative professional with my own business. Julie walked me through leaving my position on good terms, articulating my career goals and ideal work environment, and creating concrete goals and deadlines to achieve self-employment. Most importantly, Julie helped me to reach this place at my own speed, on my own terms, with my own best interest in mind. I eagerly looked forward to our sessions together, and felt a giddy sense of possibility and new-found perspective after we spoke. [I cannot recommend Julie highly enough, and especially to young professionals in the final throes of floundering after college graduation who now face 30 years of uncertainty and undefined career goals]. Julie is a terrific listener, a true advocate, an unparalleled professional and a warm voice of reason, wisdom and ingenuity at the other end of the line. She is also wonderfully adept at steering the conversation to maximize our time together. Many of the skills I’ve learned I transfer into my everyday life, and have become more present, deliberate and focused on my happiness. I am reminded of Goethe’s saying, “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!” For the many of us who are waiting to “begin it,” the answer is Julie Cohen.

Self-employed writer and consultant, Philadelphia, PA

Julie assisted me in developing clarity of thought, defining my goals to make them obtainable and building my confidence while faced with difficult work situations. Julie’s style is challenging but relaxed. I believe our sessions helped me develop quickly, with a promotion and top performer award as results. Her strengths include reading a situation and assisting in developing a resolution, encouraging you to push yourself to reach your potential, helping you to define your goals. These are just a few reasons why I told my colleagues they should reach out to Julie.

Management Consultant, Annapolis, Maryland, USA

I wasn’t very familiar with coaching before I started the process with Julie so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Any expectations I had were far surpassed however. As a PhD student writing my thesis far from my home campus, I needed help to develop a realistic workplan and to overcome my feelings of isolation. The support and guidance that I received from Julie was pivotal in helping me to construct a productive at-home work environment. In addition to helping me realize my work objectives, coaching helped me to examine and articulate my core values in life. A heightened awareness of my values was particularly useful when I decided to delay going on the academic job market for one year due to the arrival of our first child. In this way, coaching helped me to break down my workload into doable pieces and to establish a realistic timeline for the project. Coaching helped me to define and realize my goals, connecting my macro-objectives and values to my everyday micro-level tasks.

Graduate Student, Chicago, Illinois, USA

I hired Julie to be my coach at a time when I had just moved into a brand new position as a second level manager with a major global corporation. I was the youngest person at this level and the only woman. I really felt like I was going to need some support, some guidance, and someone to be on my side. As a direct effect of the coaching from Julie I have delivered results above target and have been rated favorably compared to colleagues with more experience and a longer tenure. Coaching has helped me to convert what would have been vague wishes about the way I want my life to be into reality. As well as getting me further towards what I wanted quicker, it gave me a powerful feeling of taking charge of my life and living it on my terms.

Executive, global technology firm, United Kingdom

Julie helps me confront difficult questions about myself (What kind of job makes me happy? What do I do to sabotage my success?) in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere. She also gives me an outlet to explore ideas that my spouse or my family might find outlandish or impractical, till I can develop them to the point where they are ready to be reviewed with tougher critics. And, she provides encouragement and guidance for those key moments when I need reinforcement – such as right before an interview, or after a challenging meeting. Coaching has helped me clarify my personal and professional goals. It has helped me identify my core principles, my standards and boundaries. And, it has helped me push past my comfort zone to learn new things about what I can do.

Non-Profit Agency Director, Washington, DC, USA

Working with Julie has really helped me to move ahead with my professional life, and in particular, my professional self-image, which is such an important part of career success. I now feel more confident in my own professional abilities, and this translates into better quality work as well as a better overall feeling about my career. Coaching has also allowed me to view my life as an integral whole, rather than the sum of different parts. Seeing my life as a whole has enabled me to become a more balanced person and to weather life’s storms more successfully. Julie is a very supportive and attentive person. She is very accessible to her clients and encourages me to contact her throughout the week to share news and ideas with her.

Assistant Professor, Ivy League University, Rhode Island, USA

My work with Julie allows me to push myself past any pre-set boundaries or limitations. I now believe it is possible to attain any goal I set for myself: one-step-at-a-time. Julie has a razor sharp mind, is very professional yet supportive in a non-judgmental way. She expects a lot from her clients, and delivers a lot. She is conscientious, reliable, and resourceful. She is quick to assess a given situation and help you find a desirable outcome. Anyone who is ambitious and has dreams and goals they want to achieve simply can. Working with a career coach has taught me skills I use in all facets of life: from writing a publication manuscript to planning my wedding in an organized and efficient manner. My dreams are becoming actualized and are no longer vague amorphous thoughts and desires. My life is much fuller and productive now that I know how to be pro-active.

Medical Doctor, San Francisco, California, USA

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Julie and plan on continuing. I interviewed at least a dozen “life coaches” and most of them specialized in either “life” or “career” coaching. Julie’s professional background, infectious personality (even over the phone) and her ability to deftly maneuver the combined space of a work/life coach made her a quick choice for me as a coach. There are simply so many wonderful things to say about Julie and her practice that it is hard to know where to start. First of all, Julie is a consummate professional. The materials are professional quality and Julie keeps the sessions on time (but without running off before reaching a conclusion). Julie also uses gentle reminders to ensure that the fieldwork is completed and the effectiveness of each session is maximized. In addition to finding more effective ways for me to work with people, Julie really helped me grow personally by having me focus on my work/life boundaries and incorporating time for myself in my schedule. Julie was committed to ensuring that I recognized and applied these boundaries in my life and this has led to more personal and professional fulfillment. I have always preached this with my team and employees, but often had trouble applying this in my life. All and all I have to say that working with Julie has been an absolute pleasure and the effects of that are more personal and professional fulfillment and really taking a proactive approach to living my life, rather than being an observer to it.

Financial Services Executive, Chicago, IL, USA

Being a great listener and an effective communicator, Julie firmly guided me in understanding my strengths and unique skills. Using a variety of examples and analogies she taught me how to bring hobbies into work life. Under Julie’s guidance, my career plan started to take shape — I was able to realize what I wanted to do and it made total sense for me. Working with Julie is more than a pleasure. She possesses a unique skill of knowing how to probe, how to challenge, and how to encourage and she does it very gently. Julie’s coaching allows you to come up with answers to serious challenges without even realizing that you are being coached. Julie’s coaching gave me a lot of confidence to make a quick decision at the right moment and to take advantage of an internal opportunity within the company. This change put me on the path that Julie helped me to define. I look forward to going to work … thanks to Julie.

Executive, Major Telecommunications Company, Westfield, NJ

The experience of having a career and life coach is absolutely incredible. My mind was so cluttered with goals, ideas, thoughts, and more! Julie helped me clarify my life and career goals; organize my ideas and thoughts in perspective to my priorities, and all while, respecting my spiritual values. I learned more about my preferred style and how to  maximize results. In her wisdom, Julie gently yet firmly challenged me to see barriers and challenges as opportunities. This helped me renew my thoughts and replace my speech so that now, I actively and intentionally view and approach barriers and challenges as opportunities for growth. The results are amazing—I am a much more balanced and purposeful person, business owner, family member, and friend.

Business Owner and Executive, Annapolis, MD

Julie makes the smart, sensible voice in my head roar instead of shrink to a whisper when I need to hear it most. Her no-nonsense, practical wisdom guides me toward acting on my better instincts. As a new entrepreneur who is making a mid-life career change, I face weekly decisions involving unfamiliar and complex issues. Julie has coached me to stay focused on my objectives and stage my response, to approach uncertainty not as a barrier but as a natural step toward self-awareness, and to set aside emotional reaction in favor of calm, purposeful action. She’s a joy to work with—approachable, funny, nonjudgmental, and generous in sharing both her knowledge and her network. She has been invaluable in helping me reach crucial milestones.

Founder and CEO of a start-up technology business, Philadelphia, PA

Julie Cohen

Julie Cohen, PCC

Career Coach, Trainer & Speaker

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Julie Cohen Coaching celebrated 15 years in 2015. Starting in 2006, Julie began sending her clients custom-illustrated holiday cards. Take a look at them below.

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